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Neurotically Yours

Gallery > Animation > Flash Animated Cartoon (16+)

5 More Minutes

A Change Of Face

A Missing Element

A Postal Event

A Womans Deceit

Accidents At Home



Almost Serious Suicide

Amityville Toaster

Amplified Bible

Bastardized Musicals

Biggest Fear

Black Hollywood

Black Magic Metal

Bra Bashing

Caffeine Conspiracy

Car Wash


Cell Phones & Car Ads

Chamber Of Human Horrors


Coffee House Propaganda

Comics & Movies

Conspire To Rewire


Creative Cremation

Deck Waving

Door Holding

Drugs In Your Head

Eaters Anonymous

Exotic Chocolates

Eye Stigmata


Fat Idols

Fat-kins Diet

Foamy Card Cult Meeting

Foamy Fan Mail 4

Foamy Fan Mail III R.T.S

Foamy Fan Mail V

Foamy Fan Mail VI

Foamy Fan Mail XII

Foamys Rant

Foamys Rant II

Foamys Rant III

Foamys Rant IV

Foamys Rant V

Fortune Cookie

Free Your Mind

Gummi-Bear Graveyard

Halloween Hoopla

Hammers & Floodlights

Handmade Clothes

Hattas Rant II

Horror Flick Chicks

Hot Enough For Ya

Hurricane Special

Indie Film

Its A Bald World

Kosher Crackers

Letter To Santa

Math Metal

Medicated Baby-Heads

Mexico Es Muy Bien

Muffin Massacre

New Used

Next-door Neighbor

No Christmas For You

Nuts To You

Once You Go Black

Open-Mic Night

Open-Mic Night II

Paper-Back Bust

Passion Of The Zombies

People Pissing Me Off

Picture Imperfect

Political Shifty


Restaurants II

Secret Admirer

Shower Of Terror

Sitcom Silliness

Slice Of Life


Smokin Smokers

Solitaire Confinement

Squirrel Songs

Squirrel Songs II

Squirrel Songs III

Squirrel Songs IV

Squirrel Songs V

Squirrel Songs VI

Subliminal Cut

Summoning SANTA

Tech Support I

Tech Support II

Tech Support III

Tech Support V

Tech-Support IV

Telekinetic Pornography

The Big Game

The Hatta

The Hattas Rant

The Jiggly Butt


Unamusement Park

Unmentionable Auction


Words & Phrases

Writers Block

Zip Codes

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